Call for Papers

Current Practices with Families
2018 EFTA CIM . IAC Congress
31 may, 1 and 2 june 2018 — Toulouse


Submissions are due before February 15 , 2018.


Beyond the legal requirements and good practice recommendations which legitimate family work, the June 2018 EFTA CIM – IAC congress proposes a venue for reflecting on the practical, ethical and theoretical reasons that support it and on current innovative developments.

For more than 50 years, systemic family therapies have inspired and supported professionals in their work with families in the social, medical and medico-social fields. This congress offers a new opportunity to showcase field and research work by researchers and practitioners in France and Europe.


We invite professionals, practitioners, trainers and senior and junior researchers to reflect on these questions and propose presentations, whatever their institutional affiliation or target public, provided that they shed light on the dynamics of working with or close to families.

Contributions will take the form of 20-minutes presentations grouped around workshops or panels.


Panels gather professionals to discuss a topic, putting together their knowledge and their points of view. They provide an opportunity to examine the subject in a thorough way, from different perspectives.

Panels consist of 3 or 4 presentations, conducted by a moderator, sharing a common theme.

We will encourage moderators to bring together speakers from different countries or institutions.

The stress is laid not on the speech but on dialogue, networking, questioning, point highlighting and audience involvement.

Moderators must submit an abstract of the proposed panel as well as of each individual presentation. They will also be asked to indicate on the proposal form the names and the affiliations of each individual author.

If the panel is accepted, please note that each participant must register individually.

Duration : The duration of each panel is fixed at 60 minutes: 10-15 minutes for each presentation (according to their number) followed by 15 minutes for discussion including the audience.


Workshops, proposed by one or more specialists in a particular field, constitute the heart of the congress.

These workshops aim to actively engage participants, enabling them to present their work and to tie together new competences, a theoretical modelling effort and the service they provide. They set the framework for an experiential, interactive event.

More precisely, workshops can be centred on one of the following points, according to their objective and format:

  • Presentation of work plans, models, tools or techniques.
  • Case study.
  • Research report.

Please specify in the workshop abstract the procedure and the format to be followed (traditional presentation, situational setting, clinical case, etc.).

Workshops are usually addressed to a limited number of participants, in order to better manage interactivity.

Please indicate the maximum number of participants as well as the required level of professional experience (low, average, high).


  • Title of the presentation (up to 50 characters, including spaces).
  • Name, first name and email of all the joint authors.
  • Title and institutional affiliation.
  • Key words: 3 to 5.
  • Selected format: panel or workshop.
  • Topic.
  • Abstract (4000 to 5000 characters, including spaces) describing the background and objectives of the presentation. It will problematize and explain the importance of the proposed topic with respect to the theme of the congress. In the case of scientific presentations, epistemological and methodological references must be clearly described. Empirical approaches are also considered among evaluation criteria.
  • At least three bibliographical references (not included in the character count).
  • Presentations should be written in French. Proposals in English are welcome as long as supports are provided in French (slides, photocopies…).


Proposal submission deadline: February 15, 2018.

Scientific committee response: March 15, 2018.

Note: A favourable response of the Scientific Committee does not imply that the proposal submitter is registered to the congress. All the speakers must register through the website of the congress. The procedure will be attached to the response of the Scientific Committee.


A contest will select the 3 best workshop presentations. Authors will be awarded with the opportunity to present their work as chapters of the collective work to be published in Chronique Sociale after the congress.


Serge Escots et Thierry Darnaud :