Current Practices with Families
2018 EFTA CIM . IAC Congress
31 may, 1 and 2 june 2018 — Toulouse



Conference Rationale/Proposal/Objective EFTA / IAC.

For more than ten years, in France and other countries of the European Union, legal frameworks and good practice guidelines have recommended that therapeutic, educational or social interventions for children or adults involve their family and wider social network. In France, these recommendations have not always been accompanied by sufficient resources to enable them to be implemented in practice.

However, there are today in the fields of social action or health little-known initiatives which involve families in supporting a vulnerable client or patient. These initiatives, based on real-life situations, all confirm the necessity, the relevance and the interest of relational work within the wider network. Some of these practices are directly inspired by the pioneers of family therapies, more than 50 years ago, others are innovations that continue the development of the integrative paradigm of systemic epistemology that broadens the perspective of the individual/subject by integrating the question of its relational context.

The European Family Therapy Association (EFTA CIM), associated with the Institute of Clinical Anthropology and with the participation of the UFR of Psychology of the Jean Jaurès University, set up an event to discuss and amplify the development of these practices with families.

The vision of this conference is to bring together professionals from various fields – family therapists, teachers and researchers – and to provide an opportunity for any actor from the educational, social, psychological, medical or psychotherapeutic fields who questions its practices with families to enrich from differences and develop new skills.

For three days, the current developments of the systemic approach and practices with families in France and in Europe will be presented on a dozen sub-plenaries, around thematic groups bringing together professionals of recognised competence.

To make this conference the interactive event that the development of practices with families needs today, we invite you to come to present your work in one of the numerous workshops that will be proposed.

Meetings facilitate the emergence of ideas and promote their transmission and exchange!

Thierry Darnaud
President of the Scientific Committee
Serge Escots
President of the Steering Committee


Scientific Committee: Thierry Darnaud, Serge Escots, Anne Chouhy, Rodolfo de Bernart, Mony Elkaïm, Monica Whyte, Eric Louis, Unberta Telfener, Hans Christian Michaelsen, Christian Defays, Michel Maestre, Henk Pijnenburg, Juan Antonio Abeijón Merchán, Slavica Gajdadzis-Knezevic, David Amias, Radmila Vulic-Bojovic, Martine Nisse, Joana Sequeira, Ilona Busa, Nevena Calovska Hercog, Iva Ursini, Julia Hardy, Valerie O’Brian.

Steering Committee: Serge Escots, Thierry Darnaud, Lola Devolder, Elisabeth Suteau, Guy Hardy, Jacques Pluymaekers, Teresa Moratalla, Kyriaki Polychroni, Mauro Mariotti.